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Banner Signs Melbourne - We can produce Melbourne banners and signs for your building signage, business sign needs or promotional signage or advertising and marketing signs. We deliver banner signage for all areas of Melbourne and can buy directly from our sign company warehouse.

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The colour chips shown here have been scanned at 200dpi, saved to represent the closest Pantone Colour. The left side of each colour chip is the scan, the right side is corresponding PMS Colour. Pantone Numbers are shown as determined by nearest Vinyl PVC availability.

TIP: Copy and Paste the colour chip into your graphics, word or drawing program, then use your colour picker tool.

Click the colour bar for fast group selection page.
Reds Blues Yellows Black White Browns Greens


Vinyl Lettering Colours: Self adhesive Vinyl Outdoor Grade

Medium Red PMS 1805 Dark Red PMS 187 Wine Red PMS 188
Burgundy PMS 188 Roja Red PMS 504 Cyclamen PMS 226
Fuchsia PMS 219 Panther Rose PMS 218 Salmon Pink PMS 169
Skin Tone PMS 162 Lilac PMS 257 Pink Violet PMS 513
Lavender PMS 272 Purple PMS 2613 Aubergine PMS 525
Yellows to Reds >
Reds to Purples >
Blues >
Greens >
Blacks and Whites >
Browns >
Violet PMS 266 Dark Violet PMS 263  


Next screen has 'Blue's and tints of Aqua Blue Colour Chips


Sandwich boards, A'frames, Banner Stands.
A'Frame Sandwich Boards >  Outdoor Banners >

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Australia Signs Mobile WebsiteSummary: More colours are available, Shiny Silver, Gold Metallic, Gold Mylar for window signage, please ask us for a specialty... easy, no payment is required to order online!
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