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Photoshop Metallic Text

Home > My Help Pages > Photoshop > Photoshop Metallic Text

Step 1.

Select the type tool from your toolbar on the left and type "Metallic" in a black and bold font. Here we have used Veranda in this tutorial.

Step 2. After you have made your "Metallic" text layer you need to rasterize your type by right clicking or ctrl + click (mac) on the text layer.

With rasterized you can then apply filters to the type.

Step 3. Now double clink on the layer to bring up the blending properties for your type layer. Here you can find many effects to make your type or image have a feeling of depth to it.

Step 4. With the Blending Options window open select "Inner Shadow" from the left menu. This effect will start your 3D looking type by making smooth shadow on the inside of each letter.

Follow the values in each screen shot to get the same result as in the examples. If you like play around with the values you can make your own unique effects.

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