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Slim Line Light Box Display Units are a great product and every business can benefit by having an indoor sign that is bright, stylish and presents your message with illuminated impact. Easy to use, all you need to do is open the side snap frame and insert your poster or signage. Accommodates Panels or Posters. Cheap, you can view lots of finished Light Boxes at the Gallery and can buy directly from our sign company warehouse.

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You can see some of the different models available and customer uses of the Slimline Light Box at the Gallery.
We we Deliver:
Any suburb, city or town in Australia. Biggest Challenge so far... a Light box, double sided, ready for fitting onto a pole sign in Tennant Creek Northern Territory.
Well done.
How to make Tips:
Let us know if you Illuminated Signage is single sided or double sided. When making the box, we may move the internal frame work to the rear side or replace internal bracing with other fittings to make a better illumination sign quality for you.

Light Tips:
The Slim Line Display Unit gets brighter as the unit warms. If you are supplying your own poster or translucent signs, please use an appropriate material that lets the light transmit to the viewer.

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LED moving & Slimline Light Box Display Units

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We have for sale, a total range of led signs

Moving lights used to make the illuminated sign move. The new models are super slim and run cool to touch.

You can buy new led signs (slim version) from us. There are very stable and run cool to touch. Ideal for business applications and signage.

Newer, better, slimmer LED sign used in Australia Melbourne Sydney Brisbane

Using technology to make it very easy, you can operate (program) your new moving scrolling sign without hooking up to a computer.


Call us for prices and standard sizes of LED.


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Photophorescent Slimline Light Box FYI only


Slim, neat and very attractive light box display signs.
New light box making technology gives your basic light box signage fantastic glow.

Call us in Australia for a shop sign light box that is less than 45mm thick. With our new light-box. manufacturing techniques and printing poster techniques, we can send you a Ultra Slim Light box sign anywhere in Australia.
Call us for a modern light box sign price Here.

The original, The Best

The edges clip open so you can add a poster or Duratrans printing image inside the light box. The Poster is protected by an overlay Acrylic Panel that also fits inside the snap open system. Changing the poster is very easy and quick.

Only 30 mm deep, Slimline Light Boxes suit indoor displays. All fittings and lighting included, ready to go. Graphics printed on Duratrans are optional or you can use your own high quality poster print on paper or we can make a sign with Translucent Light Box Vinyl, brilliant colours, High Resolution. Different sizes are available at QSonline, also available in Black or Silver


Slimline Light Box Side View

Runs on a low volt converter, Running costs are very low. The Slim Line Light Box is plugged into a standard wall socket.

Easy To Use Slimline Illuminated Poster Box

Easy to change over your poster or sign, there is also an Acrylic Clear Cover to protect your display message.

On the rear of the box, you can hang from a ceiling or position on the wall. Great for Window Displays and Window Dressing Areas of your shop or Foyer. The units are available in Black or Natural Aluminium Finish. If you want to lock your images, add a small screw to any side. This will prevent an opening. We do not supply lock screws as most people prefer the smooth styling of the original framework.

Wall Socket Fitting For Illuminated Slim Line Light Box

Ultra thin illuminated light box signs for displaying signs and posters, product types and showroom display signs. New Slimline light box can be used indoors and give fantastic illumination through the imagery. Slimline light box is Aluminium outside frame with latest glow technology.
The ultra thin frame can be suited in quantities for corporate sign clients.

Find out prices and more details at QSonline for SlimLine Light Box Here


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