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Tutorials and Tips

- Photoshop
- CorelDraw
- Scanning
- Enlarging Photos
- CMYK Color
- RGB Color
- Vinyl Colors
- Banner Colors
- Pantone Colors
   - Why colors look

- Finding Fonts
- Sending Fonts

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Image Gallery
What to see what can be done with Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, check out the Images at the Gallery.
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Laser Cutting Tips:
Tutorial 1

Advertising Banner Sign making Tips:
Tutorial 1

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Drawing Tutorials List

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Read lots of tips, suggestions, comments and ways our sign company used different drawing programs to assist our clients.

Photoshop CorelDraw
Illustrator FTP File Transfer Protocol
Fonts Colours

Photoshop Tips

Page 1: Shows these topics, Go Here
Display The Same Image In Two Windows
Instant Grabber Hand
Quick Revert - The Undo Command
Using the History Functions of Photoshop
The Move Tool & The Arrow Keys
Using Rulers in Photoshop
Drop Shadows
Page 2: Shows these topics, Go Here
Magic Wand Selections
Printer resolution
Screen frequency
File size
Cropping Images to size
Cropping Images to specific size
Increase your canvas size relatively
Page 3: Shows these topics, Go Here
Bitmap images
Vector graphics
How to 'Place' Vector Graphics into a Photoshop File (great tutorial)
Page 4: Shows these topics, Go Here
About image size and resolution
Pixel dimensions
Image resolution
Monitor resolution
Page 5: Shows these topics, Go Here
Why colors don't match
Viewing color around you
Using our Online Color Systems
Save JPEGs as PSD's to preserve quality
Sharpen just the edges and leave the rest alone
Page 6: Shows these topics, Go Here
Eyedropper Tool
Undo A Save
Paste Images Where You Want In Photoshop
Change Your Photoshop Rulers
Put Rulers Where You Want
Rename Your Layers
Page 7: Shows these topics, Go Here
How to Make Paths in Photoshop (great tutorial)
How to Make a Screen Shot
Enlarging Images: Shows these topics, Go Here
Using Resolution to Enlarge Photos
Using the Image Size Options, you can enlarge your image in Five ways.
Enlarging images and photos in Photoshop

CorelDraw Tips



Page 1: Finding Fonts, System Fonts and Important Fonts Page 2: Sending Fonts via email or FTP. Attaching fonts requires a few steps. Installing Fonts after saving to your computer.

Laser Cutting Tips

Laser Cutting Tips: This page is being renewed, please see the older pages.

Cutting Acrylic
Using the natural grain of materials
Laser Cutter Path Direction
Technical Help

Wow!, new pages with videos, tips for achieving 'grain' patterns, depth of materials, detailed pages explaining what is a laser cutter and more.



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