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View some of the Classic Sandwich Boards Signs, Clip open Sandwich Boards, Opening A-frames and printed signs we have. You can buy directly from our sign company warehouse.

Classic Metal A-Frame
Handle Style Metal Street Sandwich Board
Aluminium A-Board Sign Supplier

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To give you maximum flexibility and a wider range of choices, ALL the frames are fitted with a steel face panel that allows you to add Magnetic Letters. The Aluminium Poster Style also has a metal sign panel for Magnetic Applications.

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Sandwich Boards Signs are very Cheap to Promote Your Business

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Australia's cheapest signwriting onto A'frames, Sandwich Board and Sign A-Boards.
Australian Supplier of Cheap Sandwich Board Signs, A-Frames, Collapsible Street Signage, Portable front signs and Menu Board Style Street Signs.
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Classic A-Frame with Top Handle Fitted

Sandwich Boards Signs Supplier Australia This One Is The Classic A-Board

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Size: 900 millimetres x 600 millimetres Signage Panels,
100 millimetres Legs.
(3' x 2' x 4")(Weight 9kg)

Promoting a business with Sandwich Board Signs is very cheap. Our 'Classic' Style incorporates a total flat signage surface for maximum width and height of your graphic sign design. Made in Australia, The base of the frame is 20mm x 20mm Steel base with .8 wall thickness, the metal frame is the strongest of its class.

Frame Options: 'Classic Metal A-Frame' - Black (Other models are available in different colours) Includes a carry handle as standard fitted.

Classic Sandwich Boards With Handle

The face panels are double sided Baked Enamel Colorbond panels cut to size. We designed the frame 2-4mm over sized to give all edges a smooth edge to make transporting and carrying the sign very easy and to remove any sharp edges.

The faces are adhered to the frame with outside durable adhesive. This means a strong bond and removes any requirement to rivet the metal to the frame.

Totally flat surface allows us to apply Printing to the extreme edges of the Sandwich Board Sign.

The 'Classic' Style Sandwich Board Sign includes a Handle for lifting. The top of the frame is capped with plastic end caps, the rear inside includes a middle bar to make the frame solid, the legs extend 100mm to lift the signage up of the ground.

Locking Stay: All our frames, all models include a locking stay of various fittings suited to the A-Frame model.

Note: Our entire range of A-Frames available in Australia include Magnetic Faces (at no extra cost). You can easily add a Magnetic Letter Kit to any A frame.

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Need Large Sandwich Board Signs?

Large Sandwich Boards

Size: 900 millimeters x 1200 millimeters
100 millimeter Legs.
(3' x 4' x 4")(Weight 16kg)

Sometimes, on a busy road or greater viewing distance, a large sign board is needed. We Stock Large Sandwich Board Signs and make the graphics according to your sign design. Specialised Pantone Colors, Vinyl lettering appliqués and more.

Read about the different top panel options that can be applied to the Street Sign here » A-Frame Signwriting Options

  • White Board for using Non Permanent Markers (Whiteboard Pens)

  • Black Board Centre or total Blackboard Sandwich Board Coverage.

  • Chalk Pens, we apply PVC Vinyl on the face to allow using most types of Chalk Pens. These can be purchased from most local news agencies.

  • Combinations: Need to use a header or footer on the sign, include a blackboard section, white board section or other. A: Yes, this is easy.

Easy to put out the front of your shop or store, the range of boards at QSonline give you heaps of choices. Quantity discounts are available and you can have headers or footers applied to the frame for very cheap prices. Buy Direct and Save.

If you haven't already seen all the Sandwich Board Signs at our gallery, go here...

Did you know, we can make your project quickly, our signage manufacturing time is only 4 Days!

A-Frame Signs can be sold blank ready for your signwriting or we can signwrite the face panels for you. At QSonline, you can choose lots of different options for your footpath sign, road sign or walkway. Go directly to the A-Frame Prices here.


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