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Sail track Banner, Rope Track banner style signs.

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Sail track (Keder) Banner Signs - Indoor and Outdoor Banner Signs Keder banner track signs are available in large sizes.
It replaces ropes and can only be used for tracking.

The Aluminium track used to support the Keder Sail track sign is 6000mm long... that you cut into lengths.

Important note: We do not sell the aluminium track. You can purchase this from any local hardware, Aluminium Centre or Caravan outlet. Shipping long pieces does not work out cheap for you. Ask for 6mm Internal Radius unless we advise otherwise.

We are a printing company and print the billboards and banners WITH the Keder welded to the edges of the material only... ready to slide into YOUR tracking.


Get printing prices for billboards at the Billboard Signs pages here >

Also see standard banner signs with ropes >


The diameter of the ring is 6mm. This is the special slide that is designed for Aluminium Sail Track. The 'Keder' is sewn or welded along each edge of the PVC Vinyl or PVC Billboard.

It gives remarkable strength and ease of fitting.
Ideal for billboards that use a frame or are up high where 'underside' wind is to be avoided.
The Special edge makes the billboards super strong and easy to Install.

The diameter of the ring is 6mm.
For super size billboards,
we may suggest 9 or 13.

Custom sized or Standard

NB: We do not install Billboards or signs.
NB: We do not sell the track. It can be purchased from most hardwares stores in Australia.
You can now calculate how much an advertising outdoor billboard costs at the calculator here
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Sail track (Keder) is also known as banner track, banner aluminium and banner slide.

We weld or sew this banner installing material along the edge of the banner sign, giving a strong bond without weak points. Your Sail Track, Keder banner is stronger than other styles of PVC finishing.

Slide in your outdoor banner Sail track sign into the Sail Track.
At each end if you have no left and right Aluminium track, put a small screw through the Aluminium into the banner to stop any sideways movement.

Outdoor banners use the banner sail Aluminium tracking.

Any customer can quickly change the banner sign by sliding the signage along the tracking. The Keder or sewn rope option means that the sign can not blow away or draw out from the aluminium.

How to put up a sign with Keder.

Keder is a modern method for putting up a sign. Modern digital printing company in Australia can supply you with Keder Sail Track also known as (banner track). Once you have your Keder, fix the aluminium track with bolts, nylon anchors or screws.
The vinyl banner slides along into position. Add a few end screws if necessary to prevent sideways movement.


The aluminium you see here can be purchased from any leading hardware or aluminium centre.

Shipping is prohibitive for long lengths. If you need us to supply. Please allow for additional delivery costs above what you can buy locally.



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