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Also see: Australian Standards for Braille and Tactile signage for accessibility. >

QSSafety Sign Standards

Types of Safety Signs

There are two main types of safety signs referenced in Australian Standard 1319 - 1994 Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment. These are:

  1. picture signs which utilise text and symbols to represent the hazard, equipment or process as well as the standard colours and shapes used to convey a message eg. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) signs;

  2. signs with text only messages which are supplemented by the use of standard colours and shapes eg. Fire Exit signs

Wherever possible, picture signs (pictograms) should be used.

Stop and Prohibition signs

Circle: white background with red borders and cross bar; black symbol

Caution (warning) signs

Triangle: yellow background with black border; black symbol

Emergency information signs

Rectangle: green background; white symbol

Mandatory signs

Circle: blue background; white symbol

The requirements for signs in chemicals store areas are outlined in the Dangerous Goods Regulations 1978. The pictorial 'class label' signs from these Regulations are set out in Australian Standard AS 1216 - Part 1: Classification and class labels for dangerous goods.

ANSI Standard Z535
Safety signs use a signal word or words to designate a degree or level of safety alerting. Signal words are the word or words that designate a degree or level of safety alerting. The signal word or words shall always be located in a distinctive panel located in the uppermost portion of the safety sign.

ANSI Z535.2 4.11
Safety sign: A visual alerting device in the form of a sign, label, decal, placard, or other marking which advises the observer of the nature and degree of the potential hazard's which can cause an accident. It may also provide other directions to eliminate or reduce the hazards and may advise of the probable consequences of not avoiding the hazard.

Also see: Australian Standards for Braille and Tactile signage for accessibility.

See: Easy Visual Manager | Traditional Designs | 2009 Designs

See Also: Material and Sign Making Specifications





 Safety Signs

Workplace Signage.

Fire and Access
Temporary Building
Fence Site Hoarding
Work in Progress
Take Care
Do Not Enter
Caution Signs
Yellow Caution Signs
Red Danger Signs
Blue Mandatory
Danger Exposure
Street and Worksite Signage.

Do Not Enter
Must Report to
Take Care
Protective Gear
Must Be Worn Signage

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