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We do not charge any extra for additional colors on any signage. Allowing you to be totally creative with your signage.


Banners must be made for wind conditions, we include the following:

1. A strong nylon rope is sewn inside the full width of the material
2. HD 9mm Internal Diameter Brass pneumatically punched eyelets are included like this
3. Reinforcing tabs are sewn underneath each eyelet like this
4. Printing is long term outdoor grade ink.
5. Banner Thickness is 440gsm PVC Extra Strong Mould inhibitor, non tear properties, smooth surface print.
6. Print resolution is 150 original file size which is high. The printing is twin pass, 8 head printing with outdoor solvent ink. Long lasting.
7. Heavy Weight Banners are 680gsm.
8. Oversize Rolls. Print widths in one sheet up to 4.84m
9. Oversize widths, if a banner is really large, the joining seem is electrically heat welded NOT glued. We do not glue banners. Welding is stronger than stitching.

Nobody gives your more value for a banner. Be wary of low cost banners, a 10 knot wind may destroy any savings you make.
Australia Signs Banners are rated for 40 knots plus.


Satin Silk Polyester is an extra smooth outdoor flag type material that is super strong and classified for signage. We do not use low grade materials and call it sign quality. Be aware that thickness is not relevant to Satin Silk Polyester, it is strength that must be purchased.

After printing, the material is placed in a steam hot box to cure the ink throughout the fibers. This changes colors to give a more vibrant look and embeds the ink for outdoor use. We do this for both indoor and outdoor so that you can wash the material if needed with cold water.

Mesh Banner Tiny Holes. This material is stronger than a normal banner. The cross dot pattern make tearing almost impossible. The ink coverage is 85% normal material so colors remain vibrant. Be careful when considering a mesh material. Many are a polypropylene mix that will not last. Price should not be a consideration when comparing mesh banner printing results.


Colorbond Metal is a durable metal that is baked enamel both sides. 0.6mm thick, it is perfect for fixing to a building, a fence, a timber or metal frame. Guillotined to size, the max sheet is 2400 x 1200. For larger sizes, we give you a 30mm underlap between sheets to make a larger panel.

Colorbond is a BlueScope BHP product and is similar to the material on a house roof without the rolling curves. The signage product is called 'BlueScope Signwhite' coated specifically for the signage industry.

Our most popular long term material, This metal sign material is used for long term signage, screen printing, applying a decal onto. It cannot be engraved.


Corflute (also known as Multiflute, Corrugated Plastic, Flute Board) is a great product base for making short term and mid term signs. We can apply letters, decals, digital prints and the full range of signage techniques to Corflute. Go here for more examples.

Corflute Tips: Corflute used by Australia Signs is 5mm. If you need 3mm, please let us know.
Corflute Tips: Sheet size is 2400 x 1200 with a flute direction horizontal along the 2400. If you have a special size consider the direction of these flutes when ordering. If you can keep sizing increments of 300mm, you will get more signage from a sheet.


Aluminium Sign. The thickness of the Aluminium is chosen by the sign production team depending on the overall size of the sign you need. Lightweight, it is perfect for all weather conditions and where a 'no frame' situation suits better. Please type into the calculator the size you need, the production team will help you with the final thickness.
Aluminium is either guillotined or laser cut to size, shape, letters etc.


Acrylic (also known as Perspex, Plexiglas etc) is fantastic for indoor signage and outdoor laser cut or panel work. The Calculator shows different thicknesses used more so for panel work. If you need a laser cut specialty sign with different treatments, Please go to QSonline.

Acrylic Tips: All acrylic used by Australia Signs is UV Stable. This is a very important tip because many are not suitable for direct sunlight and would typically be used for shop fitting displays. Be careful when ordering any plastic.

See More 3mm | 4.5 and 6mm Opal and Clear For light Boxes
See More 3mm | 4.5, 6.0, 10, 12, 15, 18 for Laser Cutting


Durotrans. Durotrans is a translucent plastic material that is commonly used for menu systems, illuminated posters, Slimline light boxes etc. The print quality is very high and any art supplied should be hi res.


Hardened Plastic. The materials in this section include Solid PVC, Forex, HIPS and other solid plastic materials that are suitable for signage. Note: Some are indoor use only. Please ask the team for advice on choosing the right material for your situation. Hardened plastic signs are commonly used as a cheap replacement for acrylic. Looks great with lesser material and production cost. Please ask for advice on the Toll Free Number.


Magnetic Car Sign. The quality of magnetic Australia Signs use is the absolute best. It is an industrial grade and better than fridge magnetic material. The full magnetic power properties can be viewed on this page.


Self Adhesive Letters are cut on a machine called a plotter and can be any font. Minimum size is 15mm block sans serif. The letters are a PVC  .06 thick Cast Vinyl or Calendared Vinyl. Expected life for letters is 5-7 years with full coloring throughout the material. The quality of adhesive Australia Signs can be used on Boats and Salt Water applications, truck doors, cars, panels, windows, doors... Materials are 3M, Avery or Mactac. We do not use lettering materials from Asia or non life graded lettering materials without warranty by the manufacturer.

There is a difference between Self Adhesive Letters and Decals. Letters are letters, Decals are full digital prints in multi color with a protective laminate applied. The Decal can be lifted away from its backing paper and applied as a full sheet. Letters are lifted away pre-spaced in line or group sections. Decals are printed, Letters are Cut.
We have posted a video tutorial on applying Vinyl Self Adhesive letters here.

Decals are printed onto a full sheet of self adhesive outdoor grade vinyl and laminated with a protective clear. You can ask for either gloss or sheen laminate at no extra cost. Hi Res, the digital printing is twin pass at 1440 dpi.

Proofing your sign before it is made. We always send you a digital PDF proof of your sign before going into final work.

Payment You do not need to pay to order any sign from Australia Signs, any payment is due when your signage is made and ready for delivery. For more info, please read shipping policy page.

Notes: We have been making outdoor signs for more than 10 years and know what situations it will be subjected to. Always pick the best backing materials.


Where do we send work?

All Around Australia. If you would like to see a few more detailed pages from different states, Go Here or Go directly to the Image Gallery and check out the new pages.

1800 815 166 anywhere in Australia

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