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Photoshop Tutorials
All PS Topics Page
- Enlarging Images
- Using 2 windows
- Cropping Images
- Place Images
- Pixel dimensions
- Jpeg's as Psd's
- Using Rulers
- Creating Paths
- Crop Tool
- Adjusting Images
- Metallic Text
- Clone Tool
- Screen Colours
- Using Layers
- Smart FTP Help
- Files for Print
- Fix a Bad Image
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Find Help for making signs, using Photoshop, CorelDraw and more...

Read some of the 50 pages our team has posted to help you learn how to better use Photoshop, CorelDraw, Laser cutting and much more.  

Photoshop: Find lots of helpful information for using Photoshop tips and tricks to create graphics, adjust photos, web image and lots more.

Adjusting Photos and images, Cropping using the 'Crop Tool', Rezizing, Text Effects and lots more.

CorelDraw: Find lots of helpful tips and tricks for using CorelDraw

Laser Cutting: Laser Cutting Main Page, Find lots of helpful ways to better cut out letters, make signs with a laser cutter, material considerations, grain and direction, kerf and operating settings. MyHelp Laser Cutting Tutorials

Colours Online: All Colours on one page Summary here, or You can use 4 different ways to determine colour online.
Vinyl Colour Chips | Banner Material Colour Chips | Pantone PMS chart of online Colours for reference | Powdercoating Colours |



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We only need 4 days to make a sign in Australia. Then we send it to your doorstep ready to use, any where in Australia, Call us for advice.

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