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Signage Design For Laser Cutting Australia

Different Metal Signs Can Be Used For Signage and Signs You can buy directly from our sign company warehouse.

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Modern techniques and massive computer power drive our design services.

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Metal Signs Australia Wide

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Metal sign with rounded corners and 3mm punched hole in all four corners.  

This plan shows exact measurements for rounding corners.

Measurements for rounding corners


  • Metal Signs - Indoor and Outdoor Metal signs, Colorbond Signs.

    Standard sheet sizes for metal signs begin at 2400m x 1200mm and 1800mm x 900mm.
  • When making a metal sign, sizes can be dramatically increased by 'overlaying' sheet upon sheet to achieve a sign size suitable for a building wall sign, fascia sign or other.
  • Add 30mm overlap/underlap between sheets to allow solid fastening to wall, metal or timber frame.
  • Colour choices. All Colorbond used by QuickSmart Signs is finished baked enamel white. To colourise the panel, please choose a colour from our online colour system
    Online colour choices  here
    When ordering a metal sign, attempt to keep dimensions relative to the following suggestion: This will save material waste, excessive guillotine cutting or handling and save you money.
  • Sheet sizes: 2400 x 1200mm
    Cut to units of 300mm eg. 2400 / 300 = 8 up
    1200 / 300 = 4 up.
  • This 300mm unit is suggested only and we can guillotine any size or join sheeting to achieve a big sign.
  • Our online sign price calculator is formatted to instantly saving you money on these increments. and/or half units thereof.
  • If your metal sign must replace an existing sign or older frame measured in 'imperial' measurement terms, please let us know and we can sheet from coil or expanded metal sheets.
  • Thickness
    Colorbond Metal is 1.6mm thick.
    Common fixing fasteners are: Pop rivets, Screws, Nylon anchors and self drilling screws etc.
  • Welds Colorbond is not recommended for welding as the material will show heat burns.
  • Sheet Sizes
    2400mm x 1200mm
    2400mm x 900mm
    1800mm x 1200mm
    1800mm x 900mm
    600mm x 900mm
    400mm x 600mm
    300mm x 300mm
    and/or increments thereof.
  • Specialty
    Colorbond can be folded, trimmed, shaped and laser cut. Building signage can be coated and durable.
  • Tips for ordering:
    If suitable, keep your cut sheet sizes within the above table sizes. Larger signs can be made with joins and/or overlaps.

  • Metal signs

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