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Welcome to
Illuminated Signs are a great product and every business can benefit by having an indoor or outdoor sign that works all night. Cheap, you can view lots of finished Light Boxes at the Gallery and can buy directly from our sign company warehouse.

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Custom Made for your requirements.

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All Illuminated Sign Boxes are made for maximum lighting effects. The prices shown are indicative of other works completed. Go to the Gallery for more images, designs, standards and view the work we have finished for our Australian Light Box Supplies Clientele.
We we Deliver:
Any suburb, city or town in Australia. Biggest Challenge so far... a Light box, double sided, ready for fitting onto a pole sign in Tennant Creek Northern Territory.
Well done.
How to make Tips:
Let us know if you Illuminated Signage is single sided or double sided. When making the box, we may move the internal frame work to the rear side or replace internal bracing with other fittings to make a better illumination sign quality for you.

Light Tips:
Using the best fluorescent tubes means your maintenance is reduced, the light is more brighter and you can find replacement tubes easily. We cannot guarantee the life of a tube, this would be best discussed with your electrical supplier if any tube requires replacing.

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Illuminated Signs, Light Boxes and new LED scrolling message sign boards with programmable text display

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Please note: we are now giving our customers LED because it has more impact, lesser costs and more illumination effectiveness. See LED Signs here


Buy LED Signs HERE >

Shows the lights of led animating the sign text


Slim, neat and very attractive light box display signs.
New light box making technology gives your basic light box signage fantastic glow.

Call us in Australia for a light box that is less than 45mm thick. With our new light-box. manufacturing techniques and printing poster techniques, we can send you a Ultra Slim Light box sign anywhere in Australia.
Call us for a modern light box sign price Here.

Yogurt Bar Illuminated Signs

When you have a long light box sign to make, we can help with special strong channel fittings that are in one piece. This image below was made for Mackay Queensland, packed on a pallet, strapped, the shipping cost was estimated prior to order. The finished light box sign is actually very lightweight and does not cost much to send to you.


Mackay Light Box Sign

All light box signs and illuminated signs are specified to achieve the maximum lighting and glow levels. Using special transparent acrylic or unbreakable polycarbonate panels for the signwriting, we also apply special translucent vinyl letters onto the face of the panel for extra bright lettering at night.

Cross Over Light Box Details

When the size of the light box is not to standard tube length, we 'cross over' the tube and add a sectional frame. This makes best use of standard length fluorescent tubes and keeps your 'after' replacement tubes easy. The end cap is easy to remove and the tubes are locked into position with clips.

Powder-coating, you can choose any color from the regular Dulux Powder-coating color range. We will introduce the new color chips onto the 'online color' pages soon.

This sign was made for a NSW client and the green powder coating was selected via a live color chart.

Particlular Colored Light Box Signage




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