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Signage Design For Laser Cutting Australia

Laser Cut Signage and Letters, Cut Out Plastic Signs, Metal Signs and specialty laser cutting services specialising in signage. You can buy directly from our  Sign Company Warehouse

Cutting Plastic
Laser Cut Stainless Steel, Mild Steel
Laser Cut Plastic
Laser Cut Acrylic Signs Perspex
Modern techniques and massive computer power drive our design services.

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Lots of interesting projects completed to and photos of Lasercutting Signs, Office Signs, Wall and Building Signage, Metal, Aluminium, Steel, Plastic, Corflute, Sheet and many other substrates. New Laser Engraving added to our range of specialised sign making techniques.

We Deliver:
Any suburb, city or town in Australia

Read our Webzines related to Laser Cutting of various materials, how to set up a Laser Bed for maximum grain, minimum distances between letters or shapes, kerf and drawing file values and lots more. The Laser Cutting Tutorials are found under the My Help pages in the main menu above.

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Did you know, we can make your project quickly, our Laser Cut Signage manufacturing time is only 6-8 Days!

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Laser Cutting of Signs

Laser Cut Signs and Letters - Replacing a die cut letter machine or traditional engraving routing machine, now, we can Laser machine cut Sign Letters, Laser Cut Acrylic, Aluminium and Stainless Steel Letters and fabricate our newest 'Ice Sign' production method. Laser cutting of lettering and logos is easy with Australia Signs Company.


Make sure you see more below


Check out the Laser Gallery Here >



Combined with our famous plastic signage and laser or die cut metal panels, we can create 3D graphic sign and 3D letters & systems to truly make your graphical sign outstanding. See why our sign systems are being used by Commercial Signage Designers, Building designers, for Architectural Signage an by project managers all around Australia.

Laser Cutter in Action

View all the Video's Stainless Steel Panel
that will later be overlaid upon an illuminated sign
with colored acrylic.

See more/all the video's of signs being made here, there are lots of examples and different categories.




Watch us making a Youtube

Laser Cut Signs and Letters - this is the last stage of sign production wherein a team member puts all the components together to make the 3d sign.

There are 7 stages, see them all at Youtube /australiasigns



Check out the Laser Gallery Here >

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Stage 4, cutting the base backing panels of plastic. The panels will be trimmed, then run past the sharp rotating router to smooth off any saw cuts, then finally the edges of the panels will be subjected to a quick flow of flame heat to polish the edges. This technique takes a lot of skill to get it right although it looks easy. The holes within the panel are slightly oversized to give you flexibility when installing your sign.
Check out the Laser Gallery Here >

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Here, Stage 2, the Stainless Steel 4mm protective plastic film is removed for the video and a special lubricant is spread over the sheet to immediately cool the panel. The vid shows the letters and border frame nested. The team can help you with nesting and there is a tutorial here and here and here.

At the end, you will really see those sparks fly, Watch out for your fingers !

Check out the Laser Gallery Here >

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We can cut wood letters laser cut plastic letters cheap, laser cut acrylic and lots more sign materials. Brass cut letter or Aluminium and more.

Laser cutting Signage examples where we use laser cutting techniques to finish and manufacture superior signs and lettering. View heaps of techniques at the gallery.

We supply laser cut signs, plastic and acrylic panels all over Australia for sign designers, sign manufacture and specialty aluminium and stainless metal laser cutting sign products. If you haven't yet seen all the images available at the gallery, please view the many pages listed, it's worth a visit.

For a metal look, consider a brushed, metallized polyester-film laminate, or a brushed metal-look acrylic.
Laser Cutting Services.
Laser cutting and laser engraving equipment is capable of cutting and engraving lots of different plastic, wood and sheet metal substrates.
Vinyl, veneer, styrene, silicon, pressboard, polyester, masonite, matt-board, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Acrylic, Perspex and other types of plastic.

Check out the Laser Gallery Here >


Custom dimensional letters can build brand and corporate identity in showrooms, stores and reception areas. You can effectively integrate custom letters and components into your displays and signage, and add speed to your fabrication at the same time even with large quantities. We supply designs for interior signage, exterior signage, commercial building companies, promotional and advertising signage.

Have you read our Webzine Articles for font manipulation, adjusting lettering and more?
Go Here for Online Lettering Magazines.

Our computer control allows us to cut these materials with extreme precision so that we can inlay text and graphics into so many different types of designs. Our team of in-house graphic designers can turn intricate or simple ideas into reality.
Our laser will cut a wide range of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, wood, plastics, PVC flooring and even vinyl tiles.

All the Laser Signage images on this page were organised via the internet.

Laser Cut Acrylic Sign For Office Wall Signage

This sign is multi layer Laser Cut out Logo-Letters. The rear side of the Green/Blue is "Ice Sign" technique applied by our Signmaking team. The Orange face and Yellow Face are Opaque Coloured Acrylic Panels laser cut to shape. This image shows how effective signage can be created with our massive computer power, experience and creativity.

You can see lots more examples and PRICES at the QSonline Laser Signage

Plastic Letters Signage

This sign shows 3D Plastic Letters that have been cut out and Poly Welded to the rear Black Perspex Panel. The letters are polished by the cutting procedure and do not need any further treatment. If you have a design or query on how to laser cut your work, please call us anytime for advice or read some of the many Online Tutorials For Laser Cutting at the tutorial pages found in the My Help section of this website. Our team regularly posts common tricks and tips for better quality, file setup and design elements to consider before cutting out your letters, logo or corporate signage.

We have introduced new pages with lots more descriptions and images here for Australia Cutting Laser Signs Page 1 Example, Read more details at the FullView Pages or MyArea Pages.


Video of us making the Youtube Logo


Extra Thick Letters

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