Our laser cutting and graphic skills extend past laser cut signs and letters.

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Australia Signs Mobile WebsiteNew signwriting techniques afforded by our high end graphic computer systems mean great looking laser cut signs. Australia Cutting Laser Sign.

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Rear Frosted Acrylic panel with vinyl letters

Laser Cutting Sign

This reception style signage is very modern and can be installed onto most office walls, partition panels, internal office fittings and features. The Sign is held onto the wall with stand off pins.

The design brief for this sign was to keep the imagery simple, and calming. The colors used on the letters were the customers corporate color scheme, the introduction of rear frosted window vinyl made the exact softening effect the client wanted.

How to make this sign: The extra thick Perspex panel was laser cut and then flame polished to give a glass sign appearance. The four corners were also laser cut with slightly Over Dimensional holes to allow for the stand off pins. The pins chosen were Aluminium, Flat Button head.

The colors were chosen online by the client (Online Vinyl Letter Colors) and the file including the clients logo was emailed directly to our design team. This client logo was originally not suited for Australia Laser Cutting Equipment, however, our in-house design team quickly located the appropriate fonts and continued to REDRAW the swirl logo.

The finished result was a great looking signs and letters that matched the clients brief and showed an additional class to their reception / waiting area.

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The use of vinyl window frosting film can add particular qualities to your reception or foyer signs. We do not limit our use and knowledge of specialty materials used for laser cutting and sign making.

Other colors of Acrylic / Perspex are available in tints or semi-opaque finishes. These also look great when adding a further rear layer of window frosting film.

Choosing colors and combinations: Our in-house graphic design team can help you with color combinations if your not sure what works best. Live colors are different to concept, concept may be restricted or not available in manufacturing.

We can use lots of different colors, combinations and techniques to bring your Laser Cut Signs alive, please call or email your draft or thumbnail sketches to us for more assistance.

Want to see more?   WE have just introduced a new image gallery full of fantastic looking laser cut out signs printed in Australia by us.

Our New Image Gallery with lots of laser cutting signs is Here.
Acrylic | Perspex | Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Brass | Alloy

Send any artwork, we have all the programs to make your laser work.

Our team has over 20 different techniques and programs to help you get laser cut signs at the cheapest in Australia. We care about our work and have built our business on low priced laser cutting and high quality in Australia.

Modern looking laser cut signwriting

These imagery shows how the softening effect of window frosting film can add to a signs balance, appearance and theme. The window frosting film is placed on the rear of the panel to balance the colors. The vinyl letters are placed on the front side and appear to have a motion shade due to the extra thickness of the acrylic panel.

Modern, Fast Laser Cutting


We understand that signs are very important to a business, and in particular the timing required to make professional signs. Buy direct, means you can order all types of signs and we shall place into to a batch cue of similar materials. Every 4-5 days, we batch laser cut acrylic, metals, plastics, and so on.

This means, you do not need to wait a long time with our laser cutting services.

Typical Laser cutting timetable - Raw product laser cut in 4-5 days.
Finished Laser cut signage - 8-10 days from artwork approval.

Need help with laser cut signs? Call us anytime from any phone in Australia.

Toll free 1800 815 166 .com.au

A quick description of our capabilities: We can laser cut acrylic letters, metal letters, building signs, spot weld rear pins (threaded) Aluminium, Brass, Plastics, Corflute Signs, Metal Signs and lots more.


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