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Corflute can be laser cut into specialty shapes or promotional sign boards. Using laser technology at low heat rates, we can cut out Corrugated Plastic Corflute size and shape to your requirements.

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Hollow ribbed Corflute is a plastic sign material and often used for both indoor and outdoor signage applications. The Signage Grade is designed for ink adhesion and self adhesive vinyl applications. This material is different to cheap Corflute packing material. Available in different thickness, 2mm 3mm and 5mm are the most common thicknesses for the ribbed wall overall thickness dimension. Common sheet sizes are 2400mm x 120mm, 1800mm x 900mm. This panel size may be of useful consideration when cutting Corflute to sign sizes.

Indoor and Outdoor Corflute Signs Screen Printing

Screen printing on Corflute, Multi flute or also known as Plastic Corrugated Board, you can add any design. Low quantities, no problem, we use the latest digital wide format printers to print full colour signs. Screenprinting is best suited for 50 x each colour. Eg. 1 color= Red, 50 off is very economical, 2 color= Red + Blue, 100 off is the next economical quantity. 4 color= Red + Blue + Black + Yellow, 200 off is economical. For other lower quantities, you may also choose solvent based inks that are digitally printed. Quantity discounts are also available.

Large Run Printing Company Screen And Digital Printing

Add eyelets to Corflute for fixing to fences, use as a builders site board or safety sign.


Corflute is a very versatile product and cheap to manufacture. It can be used outdoors and Indoors. Great Ink adhesion properties and overall whiteness mean vibrant colours when screen printing in Australia.

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Electronic signIndoor electronic signs are amazing. Now very cheap, it gives you as the business owner a new power of flexibilty and marketing control. You can very quickly alter and update, add or delete, change and modify the electronic sign. Each message can transit across the pane from left to right, up down, spin, float and other computer effects.


IndoorAvailable in popular colors, the Australian range of LED SIGNS ARE MADE WITH ABSOLUTE QUALITY AND BRIGHTNESS. The electronic sign is easy to program and each unit comes complete with all the features you need and all parts to operate. Simply plug the socket into the wall (normal 240 volt) and the electronic sign will begin to play.


BoardChanging messages is easy and you will not need any training. Instructions are included and on the website. Also, there are many common sizes for signs so please call or look at our list here. Each electronic sign can scroll, flash, burst, open etc with many free features included with your purchase.


AvailableLED signs are Now Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, each indoor led scrolling message sign is made ready to open and play.

If your Looking for an indoor sign maker with unique skills of laser cutting, vinyl lettering, Aluminium door sign, desk signs, indoor, internal, door sign, wall sign, reception sign, cut out lettering wall signs, call us first, we have lots of different sign products to give your business signage outstanding presentation and imagery.


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