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Malvern Victoria

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Metal Letters with pins

Delivery Point: Malvern Victoria
Metal Letter with a welded screw rod.
The font or letter shape is further smoothened by our design team before processing through the Laser Cutter. This ensures smooth paths and curves, Tip: When letters are big, a graphic designer experienced in Path Manipulation, machinery set up and size awareness should complete your files.

  • "This letter is very easy to install by any local Malvern handyman, the graphic design team also give you a layout sheet with the letter spacing in millimetres so putting onto a wall is easy."

    thread screw on back of letter

  • Each letter can be either fixed from the rear side of the building panel with nuts or drilled into concrete, brick or stone and glued into place.

  • Various lengths can be used, let us know if you have a depth preference for the threaded pins. 40, 60, 75.

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Laser cutting is a brilliant way to keep prices low, send in a concept or ask for quote, you can also see lots of other examples and price estimates at QSonline Laser, also, we estimate by layer not color so you can become very creative with your designs online.

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