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Making a Youtube Logo Sign the entire process below

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From Paper concept to final classy wall panel.

We love Youtube so much, we thought we'd show you all the features on one video of how to make a high class logo like theirs into a sign. We also made our own video of the entire production process. It's our biggest online video, takes a while to download, but shows all the process that you can choose for your logo reproduction. Wow, we get heaps of comments about it.

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Screen Shots from Vid:

To start with, a scaled logo is made on paper so that the entire sign manufacturing process can flow smoothly.

Youtube basic panel size

Once sizes and dimensions are determined, the work begins. Here, the base backing board (acrylic) is being cut on a table bench saw.

Youtube Red

The red used for the logo is chosen in colored acrylic. Then, drawn in a vector format suitable for laser. The high gloss will give a fantastic visual effect.

Youtube flame

The edges are routed to give a smooth cut edge, then, a medium heat flame is worked around the panel. This makes a very smooth and 'glass' look to plastic. Plastic was chosen for this project because the multi layer panels will be polywelded creating a 3d effect for the Youtube logo.

Sparks flying Youtube Logo

Using highly polished stainless steel. The Youtube letters are 4mm thick. This will give the logo a great look when finished.

Here one of the guys working in the clean room is carefully positioning the individual components into a final sign that will be fitted to the office wall.


Ready to see the entire process.
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