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Metal panel with printed vinyl overlay.
This is a fantastic way to make signs, the long term vinyl self adhesive material is digitally printed using a CMYK process, then a clear gloss laminate is applied to both protect the ink and prevent damage to the sign.

  • "Producing signs in this manner affords the customer a higher resolution and option for lower quantities. This image was a one off production with superb graphics made very quickly."

    Printed Metal

  • When designing a project like this, draw or design at full size using both a vector and pixel based image. This design was supplied almost ready for total output. The graphic designer in this case is to be congratulated. The sign clearly shows the three valuable elements of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary text and includes a powerful graphic design well suited to the business.

  • The photo of the butterfly below is brilliant. Did you know that photographing butterflies is very difficult, their soft wings and feathered body shape makes focus hard. To improve your photography, take lots of shots from different distances, then, use a graphic design software package to make into a reproducible graphic.

This a photo of the finished sign.

Another Great example is here at Glen Waverley Victoria


Once you decide on a graphic design, you can use the flip functions, rotate, skew and other filter options to add a more professional look. Notice how the butterfly has a slight shade, to do this, try this article posted at the Marketing Ideas Centre of Australia Signs.


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