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Marketing Ideas, sales ideas, how to increase business tips and suggestions, look through this site for heap of proven techniques to increase your companies sales targets and you can buy directly from our sign company warehouse.


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Corflute Tips:
Corflute makes an excellent choice for a distributor sign or to give to your resellers. Cheap, the Corflute is very economical and can be digitally overlayed with you decal for short runs, or screen printing applied for more volume discounts. Telephone the design department any time or go to the online price calculator for instant quotes.

Outdoor Banner Sign making Tips:
The results your outdoor advertising banners will give your business is immense. Generally larger, the outdoor banner sign is cheap, can be printing in full colour and with any font or art. Finish with ropes, eyelets, Velcro, sleeves, very versatile, you can send them all over Australia directly from our sign making warehouse supplies.

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Finding Ideas to help promote your business...

Looking for ways to increase you business, here a few marketing strategies.
Also Read - Important notes about banners

This Tip is Number #1 for results, and used by lots of successful businesses.

#1. Banners

Banner SignsPossibly the biggest sales increases for our clients come from this business idea. It out surpasses other kinds of advertising repeatedly.  We get so much positive feedback on this strategy, we thought we'd share it. If you have distributors or agents, wholesalers who act on your behalf, or other businesses that you sell to or supply... provide them with signs and banners. Spend your marketing budget on vinyl banners. More effective, very cheap and powerful. Banners Work!


Group of banner signsWhen you send a banner to your client or agent etc, and they place your product or details on their fence, building, wall, poles or hanging inside the store above your range of products, your sales will increase very quickly. If you've ever noticed that in supermarkets the end isle signage is always provided by the wholesale business, not the supermarket. Why, because it works.
Next time you go into a service station, look at all the sponsored signs. They work. Go into a hardware, they work, Go into a discount store, they work. Then, look at stores or business that dont display banners. Compare and estimate the differences.


Banner SignsWhy a printed flexible banner more so than a normal sign?
1. Banners are flexible, very easy to put up and generally larger with less costs. 2. Banners also have been traditionally used to disclose products as 'on sale', this helps your products sell, with out losing any 'quality in mind'.
3. Also, most times, banners are placed at the front of a business.
4. Easier to rotate, if you want to, the material can be rolled up, sent to another location, used outdoors, hung on walls, etc.


Commercial bright banner signsExtending the idea. Regardless of your product or service, contact your agents and let them know that next month, you will be sending to their business a promotional sign at no cost to them. Very rarely will they say no. All small business is looking to increase sales. Help them and help yourself. Need examples, try searching the Gallery, there are heaps of examples.


Banner SignsRecently, we completed a project of 35 full size outdoor banners for an Australian manufacturer struggling with imported product competitors. The campaign of sending these full colour banner signs increased the monthly product sales overwhelmingly, and has done so for six months and continuing. The client has now continued the idea with 50 Corflute Indoor Pelmet Signs. Again, Sales increased. This is more than just branding your product lines, it is sales driven marketing. Need help pricing and setting a budget, go to the Price Calculator, it shows automatically quantity discounts for Banners, Metal Signs, Acrylic and Plastic, Corflute and much more.

Check out more at the interactive marketing ideas centre by Australia Signs

Thredbo Signs Try this as an extension of the idea of sending your retailers or distributors signage. Give them a modern looking Banner Stand And Sign. Banner Stands are cheap, the greatest benefit is that your company and products will be displayed in the most prominent section of the store, foyer, reception or lobby. Banner Stands are easy to update with new prints, messages and artwork. Go the Gallery for lots of finished examples, you will see how by sending your agent such a display stand, sales will increase.

Subiaco SignsTry using a Quick Display or Silver Special, for lighter budgets, try using an Easy Carry Banner Stand. All are very easy to use and can be updated with new graphics easily.


Check out more at the interactive marketing ideas centre by Australia Signs >


  #3. A'Frames

Alice Springs SignsA-Frames and Sandwich Board Signs work more than just highlighting a few words or picture of products. They show you are open for business and ready to serve. Next time your down the street, take a conscious thought of if you entered the store with an A-Frame or the one that didn't have one outside.


Mundaring SignsCheap, send all your agents or distributors an A-Frame with your header and their message, send them a magnetic kit, a blackboard A'frame street sign etc. These frames will return the sign cost very quickly. Great quantity discounts are available, Buy Direct and Save. If you send just one sign... Your sales will increase. This is how powerful signage can be. Always returning results, no customer in over 10 years has commented the sign was a dead loss. Try saying that with other advertising techniques. Ever thought why Television Stations, Radio Stations, Newspaper, Magazines use so many signs?

Check out more at the interactive marketing ideas centre by Australia Signs >


Alice Springs Signs Promote your own business location. Use the same principles at your store, factory or warehouse. Signs Work. Try a Clearance Sale Sign, On Special 'banner', Magnetic A'frame or install an illuminated light box.



Liverpool Signage away from your physical location. Recently, we completed a banner sign for a very small country business. The idea, to place a banner 5 kilometres away from the business. The product, Hand Made Shoes. In two days, the banner was paid for. In one month, the sales increase pre banner sign was 5 times. One year later, sales continue to flow in. All because of an outdoor banner. Wow!

ChangeableCase 2. Small Country Inn - Motel. Region: Victoria Border on the Murray. Within 3 Months, the Motel was full. Previously, the highest occupancy rate was only for 4 weeks in summer, now, the business is well recognised and often full, regardless of the season. Signs Work!

Check out more at the interactive marketing ideas centre by Australia Signs >


Illuminated Turn your advertising ON. Illuminate your premise or purchase an illuminated sign box. Very cheap, customers will see you 24/7. Just because your asleep, doesn't mean your customers are. Go to QSonline for Light Box Signs and prices.

Check out more at the interactive marketing ideas centre by Australia Signs >


Corflute Signs, Plastic Signs or Metal. Send your agents or resellers Corrugated Plastic Corflute Signage. Very Cheap, Very effective, you can send hundreds of companies internal pelmet, wall, office, display and product signage anywhere in Australia. Plastic and Metal Signs, need something a little more stronger without adding excessive costs, try sending Metal and Plastic signs.

Every sign that is sent, will increase your business sales.

Check out more at the interactive marketing ideas centre by Australia Signs >


#3. Make your sign company your best friend. Use  or a local guy, but make your sign company your best friend. Signs Work! We make it very easy for you with heaps of online techniques, instant pricing, fast production deadlines and lots more. Try reading the Artwork Help pages located at the MyHelp, to learn how to use Photoshop, Send Fonts, and lessons for getting more from your designs.

Our business has changed, with more graphic computer power, more staff and more options, you can really save money and increase sales with our services.

#4. New range of stock control, factory or warehouse parts and components visual management signage and Australia Safety Signs. These great looking signage panels make managing your business and staff, deliveries, pick ups etc easy.

#5. Metal Letters. There is now a new page showing a few techniques involved when we make metal letters. You can also see metal letters here at the gallery and plastic letters here.


signage lettering made to custom fontFor more information, or to talk directly with a graphic designer, call us toll free from any place in Australia. We send Signage every where.

If you want to share another great marketing idea, let us know, we will post it here for everyone.


We only need 4 days to make a sign in Australia. Then we send it to your doorstep ready to use, any where in Australia, Call us for advice.

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