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Heavy Weight Banner Signs are great for sizes above 22 square metres, check out all the types of materials at the online colour chip pages and more finished images of outdoor advertising using banner signs at the Gallery.


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Heavy Weight Banner Signs

Read also - Important notes about banners

Suitable for sizes up-to 22 metres x 60 metres, Strong multi ply PVC vinyl with inner cross griding for extra strength. Also known as Rip Stop Banner Material. No requirement for traditional wind holes.
Can be finished with ropes, eyelets, (grommets), sleeves for inserting rods/poles.

Other options include Stainless Steel Eyelets, Over sized eyelets, steel cable instead of Nylon Rope. The Heavy Weight Banner Sign material is very strong and can be self supporting.

Heavy Weight Banner Sign Material Supplier

When the size of the sydney banners outdoor advertising becomes more than 20 square metres in any dimension, we often use the heavy weight banner material. If the signage is to be self supporting, this is a better choice. For large building or scaffolding drop signs, It may be beneficial to choose a medium weight or mesh banner material. If your overall dimensions are long and skinny, example, running around a sports oval, or dropping full height on a scaffold or building, across a road or street, Medium Weight may be a better choice. Please let us know of approximate uses and proposed dimensions. We can help with all outdoor advertising.

Heavy Weight Banner Sign Material For Large Outdoor Advertising Signs

Banner SignsYou can price how much a banner sign costs online, both Medium Weight and Heavy Weight. We never use Lightweight. The material cost difference does not outweigh the weather ability of our materials. Please be careful if you see unspecified materials being promoted as a heavier grade of vinyl pvc.


Banner SignsOccasionally, the promoted thickness does not assure the strength. All the Materials used by QSonline are weather rated and suited for self supporting outdoor advertising.



Banner SignsEyelets
Allow 50mm (2 x 25mm turnover for hems)
Triangles are sewn into hems every section for standard spacing of eyelets.
Eyelets are pneumatically applied and made from brass, internal diameter of eyelet is 8mm, outside diameter is 20mm.

Banner SignsSleeves suitable for inserting a rod/pole
Table: eg. 21/16 (21mm over length / 16mm stitch line)
6mm Dowell = 21/16 lay-flat sleeve size (retractable b)
25mm Dowell = 60/50 lay-flat sleeve size
38mm Dowell = 90/80 lay-flat sleeve size
50mm Dowell = 110/100 lay-flat sleeve size
75mm Dowell = 150/140 lay-flat sleeve size
95mm Pipe = 320/310 lay-flat sleeve size

Star Picket pocket = 140/130/120 left, mid, right stitch

Banner Signs insert polesRope or banner track = 25/18 weld
Installing a banner with banner track. Allow banner tension upto 35mm.
Welds Heat welding to join big banners.
40mm weld overlap, 40mm weld underlap> Avoid print area to be welded, allow 'non print' area particularly on underlap of 30mm.

Banner SignsRoll widths
Grain along the lineal roll length applies to all materials.


Banner SignsTips for ordering:
Use the above roll width gauge to determine the height of your banner signs, add the 'hem' 'bleed' or 'sleeve' material to determine best size.
** Our online banner sign price calculator will assist you in choosing an economical size.

No additional charge for banner colours. Choose Banner Colours at the Material Colour Page Here >

Click here to view Outside Banner Signs and more details >


We only need 4 days to make a sign in Australia. Then we send it to your doorstep ready to use, any where in Australia, Call us for advice. We also make company flags for corporate identity - Individual logo flags

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Australia Signs Mobile WebsiteSummary: Often, we may suggest using a medium grade of vinyl pvc, if your sign is hanging down a building, it may be beneficial to use a grade that can be handled by your installation team... easy, no payment is required to order online!
When you call us Toll Free, you can talk directly to a sign or graphic designer.

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