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If you know a classic font, free font or other lettering font, tell us, we can make your sign with any font style or lettering. Finding font tips below:

Fonts for graphic designers: Call or email your specific font in any font format. We can extrude characters ready for sign making.
Font Style can be bold font, normal font, italic font and italic bold font. We can use our graphic design software to manipulate fonts into a special font and/or cool font logo.
Download a font of your style and send it to us with your design. Easy.
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Using Fonts - Tips:
TIP: Never choose a font that is pixel based. Eg. Many foreign language fonts are not scalable font types. Always download or select a Vector based font unless you need to use an international font.

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Google Font Directory Go directly to the Google Pages for free fonts.

Yahoo Fonts Directory This font link goes directly to the Yahoo Font Directory. Cool fonts, font discussion groups and more font related sites.

Find bold font styles, italic fonts, kid font, fancy font and free downloadable font.

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QSDownloading Free Fonts and System Fonts


Intended for QS customers to help align our production systems with your designs


Step 1: Open Directory System. Eg: My Computer

1. Open the ‘Fonts’ folder located in ‘C:\WINDOWS\Fonts’ or click on the fonts icon in bottom toolbar

2. Keep aware of the default window fonts (found below), and DON’T delete them. If the list is deleted, you may find problems in processor performance.

Arial Palatino Linotype Italic
Arial Black Roman
Arial Bold Script
Arial Bold Italic Small Fonts
Arial Italic Symbol
Comic Sans MS Symbol 8,10,12,14,18,24
Comic Sans MS Bold Courier 10,12,15 Tahoma
Courier New Tahoma Bold
Courier New Bold Times New Roman
Courier New Bold Italic Times New Roman Bold
Courier New Italic Times New Roman Bold Italic
Estrangelo Edessa Times New Roman Italic
Franklin Gothic Medium Trebuchet MS
Franklin Gothic Medium Trebuchet MS Bold
Italic Trebuchet MS Bold Italic
Gautami Trebuchet MS Italic
Georgia Tunga
Georgia Bold Verdana
Georgia Bold Italic Verdana Bold
Georgia Italic Impact Verdana Bold Italic Verdana Italic
Latha Webdings
Lucida Console WingDings
Lucida Sans Unicode WST_Czech
Microsoft Sans Serif WST_Engl
Modern MS Sans Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 WST_Fren
MS Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 WST_Germ
Mv Boli WST_Ital
Palatino Linotype WST_Span
Palatino Linotype Bold WST_Swed
Palatino Linotype Bold Italic  

Step 2: Open Bit stream Font Navigator

1. Open the ‘Bitstream Font Navigator’ found under the Start menu, this will allow you to list and view all your installed fonts

Step 3: Uninstalling Fonts. To remove properly, you need to find two important folders.

1. Search through Bitstream Font Navigator, and find the fonts you’ like to delete

2. Then find it in the ‘Font’ folder and delete the font

3. Try to always keep a maximum of 400 fonts on the system to ensure computer does not slow down and lose performance due to excessive font registration issues.


Try Other Sites

If this fails and you cant find a modern font, let us help you, our font library has over 1600 fonts.

If you want to find a classic font or script font etc, In Popular Search Engines type (a font name) the following:
--- Font "Balmoral" font ---
or --- Font "Balmoral" free font ----
This will bring you directly to the free font style name page.
With a bit of digging, you can find lots of free fonts.

Occasionally, you may need to buy a font if your own graphic artist has secured a special font on your behalf for a design and you want to carry the theme throughout your pages.

Installing a Font to your system. Go here to the full list of computer tutorials, Photoshop Tips, using Corel Draw, Laser Cutting and lots more.

How To Send Fonts Over The Internet Tutorial and Help List

Other Online Tutorials and Webzines | Photoshop Adjustments

Read also - Important notes about banners


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