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Very Bright Fluorescent Banner Materials are great for short term signage and promotions. The material is ultra bright but will fade over time. Fluoro works by reflecting sunlight inside the material and using a combination of artificial colours added to the mixture.


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Fluoro, Day-Glo and Ultra Bright Banners

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super bright banner in yellow fluoro

Luminescent, Bright and Fluorescent Banner Signs - Indoor and Outdoor Banner Signs

Suitable for 'now open banners, for sale signs, stock clearance banner signs and lots more high impact marketing signs, indoor graphics, ceiling banners, etc.
Can be finished with ropes, eyelets, (grommets), sleeves for inserting rods/poles.
Online colour choices
We supply two colour options as standard.


Flame Fluoro Red                Fluoro Yellow

Fluorescent banner materials durability - Up-To 6 month full outdoor use, colour brightness decreases due to sunlight.
When ordering a bright banner, the material is designed to reflect light back to the viewer and as such will not last as a permanent sign. Fluoro banners are used for short term, high impact color messages.

Allow 50mm (2 x 25mm turnover for hems)
Triangles are sewn into hems every section for standard spacing of eyelets.
Eyelets are pneumatically applied and made from brass, internal diameter of eyelet is 8mm, outside diameter is 20mm.

Sleeves suitable for inserting a rod/pole
Table: eg. 21/16 (21mm over length / 16mm stitch line)
6mm Dowell = 21/16 lay flat sleeve size (retractable b)
25mm Dowell = 60/50 lay flat sleeve size
38mm Dowell = 90/80 lay flat sleeve size
50mm Dowell = 110/100 lay flat sleeve size
75mm Dowell = 150/140 lay flat sleeve size
95mm Pipe = 320/310 lay flat sleeve size
Star Picket pocket = 140/130/120 left, mid, right stitch

Roll widths

Tips for ordering:
Use the above roll width gauge to determine the height of your banner signs, add the 'hem' 'bleed' or 'sleeve' material to determine best size.
** Our online banner sign price calculator will assist you in choosing an economical size.
No additional charge for banner colours.

Outdoor banners at the Image Gallery.

Retractable Banner Stand Gallery


Online you can choose a banner sign vinyl fabric material.

We can laser cut, flame polish, brush, vinyl colour, back colour, front colour and edge colour your internal signs.

Choose from medium weight, heavy weight banner materials, fabric materials and specialty banner sign materials.

You can price instantly how much a banner signs cost is Go to Banner Sign Price Details  and also change any size with our unique custom banner size price calculator Go to Banner Sign Custom Size Calculator

Our sign company Australia sign makers design so many styles of, laser and illuminated sign, banner sign or laser cut sign for your building sign, lettering or vinyl signs.

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Australia Signs Mobile WebsiteSummary: If you need to digitally print a dayglow colour imitation, try these options in CMYK. Dayglow Red = Pantone 185, Dayglow Yellow = Pantone 116.

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