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We do everything for you. Simply peel back and apply to your signage.. Easy

Do It Yourself Lettering and Do It Yourself Signs is very easy. Each line of words is pre spaced, and where it is an advantage for you, we will also combine the Letter colour overlays for you. If, Colour is applied over Colour, it may be better for your sign to be supplied in parts. Each time we will also include as free, a layout sheet showing any onsite measurements you can make to give you a hassle free application of vinyl letters.

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At the Gallery, you can view some of the DIY Kits we have supplied for clients, these include Signs for Trailers, Cars, Boards, Sandwich Boards, Frames, Danger Signs, Pipeline Markers and lots more.
Receiving you DIY Kit is very easy. Choose any colour or font, send us any type of computer file with your words, sizes or instructions. For every order, we will send you a PDF proof via email for you to check against your project size, font or colour before making your Do It Yourself Signage.
Colour Tips:
Add extra Colours at NO EXTRA COST
We do not charge extra for colours. Price based per line, per sheet, avoid unnecessary colour explosions because there is no extra charge, Most signs look better, read better and work better when there is a maximum of 3 colours. It's up to you with DIY letters, but simple is more profitable for your messages or designs.
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Because of our computer systems, experience and huge range of colours, you can save lots of time and money with DIY Signs, Vinyl Lettering, Boat Signs, Car Door and Truck Door, Decals for Cars in Melbourne Australia, Sydney or Brisbane, if your are in a regional city, email us or call toll free, we send sticker printing and DIY vinyl lettering everywhere. Save with our online signwriting services Australia.

Building Signage, Door and Office Signs can all benefit from self adhesive lettering, it is very easy to install and below we show a simple tutorial step by step how to put on vinyl letters.

Signwriting services are much more than DIY Adhesive Alphabet Letter Kits, Magnetic Kits and Builder Trailer Signage, you can view heaps of amazing projects completed at the Gallery, including Banner Stands, 3 D Metal Letters Melbourne, Roll Up Banner, Fabric Printing, A Frame Chalkboards, A Frame Poster Signs Brisbane, Outdoor Light Box Sign Equipment Sandwich Boards Cheap Banner Stands and Sign, Replacement Banner Stand Panels and Parts, Sign Design and printing.

At the My Help Pages, you can read lots of information for using Photoshop, Corel Draw and How To Make a Sign For Outdoor, Indoor and heaps more, the team regularly post new articles for graphic designers, students and more. Please note, we are a commercial sign company and do not give information for student projects etc.

Did you know we have PC based systems? Send any file broken apart, converted to outline and reduce fonts... This will help our laser cutting, computer cut and vinyl lettering cuts. For MAC users, please convert files suited to PC.

Sign Design And Art Room Australia Signs Banners Signage

Our Vinyl Lettering work room is dedicated to producing cut out vinyl lettering suitable for signage. Over 10 years experience means we have access to over 1000 fonts and 200 colours, On our Client CD storage files we have over 1600 different Australia logos and Clip-Art.
Vinyl lettering is a fantastic option for business signs. Traditional SIGNWRITING is expensive and slower compared to our fast sign lettering systems. Anytime you have a business sales promotion, let us know... Our fast sign production company can send your vinyl lettering in 3 days... FAST, Anywhere across Australia.
Can I use vinyl lettering for a CAR DOOR SIGN? YES, we send ready to apply lettering all over Australia for car door signs, vehicle signs and truck sign advertising. We also have material for magnetic signs available.

Can I put vinyl lettering onto a Window? YES, Let us know if your prefer your lettering to be on the outside sign window,, or applied to the inside of the glass. When inside, we cut your vinyl lettering in reverse. This is Known as MIRROR CUT.

Can I add extra or additional colours? YES, we do not charge for extra colours, IF your creative sign lettering is one line, it can comprise multiple colours at no extra cost.
IF, you would like to cut out an outline or shade, this is considered a NEW line of lettering because it will add a second length of vinyl needed to make the lettering sign in production. Also, we may suggest using a wide digital printing technique to save costs for you if the colour range or artwork is best suited.

How Big can my creative lettering be? BIG, really big. We can cut your DIY lettering up-to 580 mm high in one cut, then tile your Do-It-Yourself lettering to larger sizes above 2 metres if needed. To Date, the largest letter made was for a building maintenance company in Sydney, we cut lettering ready to use at Sydney Mascot Airport. The letters were applied to glass windows at over 2200mm high. Wow!

Shades, Outlines are considered as a NEW line of lettering ready to apply, You will need to add '2' in the quantity field of our creative lettering price calculator.

How do I put on my DIY letter? We will give you a proof with measurements for all our orders.

See the Short Tutorial Movie

OK, How do I tell you what sizes? We make that easy too!

 Use this PDF Sheet to help you measure the sizes of your letters, logo or words. Fax it back or email.


If you prefer to work on an editable document, Click here to open an excel file. Excel Spreadsheet Lettering Sheet. Click either image to open a very simple to use lettering sheet, all you need to do is tell us the overall sizes of lines, heights or the actual maximum sizes, The in-store graphic designers will draw to your instructions on a paper a proof, then send this to you via email before we make a sign.

Vinyl Lettering Tips: Keep your font style crisp, avoid difficult to read fonts unless the font is particularly unique and suits your creative lettering & graphic design. Sign lettering is often more suitable when clear and bold fonts are used.
If you need help finding fonts on the internet, go to this tutorial page, worthwhile reading and very handy for font search listings and how to manage fonts on a computer.


Next: A Short Tutorial > Want to see how we make an A-Frame sign in Australia using our DIY Lettering Application Principles? Go HERE > Its a bit of a short run for you and includes 'How To Put On Vinyl Letters' guide sheets.


Go to the next page which outlines DIY Signs Application Examples

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Australia Signs Mobile WebsiteSummary: Free lettering font styles- Over 1000 stored on our new computer systems, CD's and lettering books. Cut lettering for sign making, signwriting and sign company specials. Trade supply for digital print companies now available.
Fancy lettering can be put onto car door signs, truck lettering and shop sign window letters. Script lettering and scroll lettering fonts available with easy download font titles.
.. easy, no payment is required to order online!

When you call us Toll Free, you can talk directly to a sign or graphic designer.

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