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Do It Yourself Lettering Cut Out Letter and Do It Yourself Signs is very easy. Each line of words is pre spaced, and where it is an advantage for you, we will also combine the Letter colour overlays for you. If, Colour is applied over Colour, it may be better for your sign to be supplied in parts. Each time we will also include as free, a layout sheet showing any onsite measurements you can make to give you a hassle free application of vinyl letters.

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At the Gallery, you can view some of the DIY Kits we have supplied for clients, these include Signs for Trailers, Cars, Boards, Sandwich Boards, Frames, Danger Signs, Pipeline Markers and lots more.
Receiving you DIY Kit is very easy. Choose any colour or font, send us any type of computer file with your words, sizes or instructions. For every order, we will send you a PDF proof via email for you to check against your project size, font or colour before making your Do It Yourself Signage.
Colour Tips:
Add extra Colours at NO EXTRA COST
We do not charge extra for colours. Price based per line, per sheet, avoid unnecessary colour explosions because there is no extra charge, Most signs look better, read better and work better when there is a maximum of 3 colours. It's up to you with DIY letters, but simple is more profitable for your messages or designs.
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Do It Yourself Vinyl Letters, Car Door Signs...

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vinyl letters

Watch the Vinyl Letters Video here

Our in-house graphic design team can create perfect billboard size signs. Our Sign division has made over 5300 signs around Australia and we continue to give our customer more beneficial savings every year.
Committed to providing cheap sign maker prices, you can rely that your signage is professional, vibrant and long lasting. Only using high quality self adhesive vinyl for all our decals, stickers and cut vinyl lettering. Go to the online colour pages to choose vinyl letters online. You can use any style of font and we can assist you in design layout if required.

Send any File, Fax or Thumbnail Sketch. Our team knows how to best fit your signage for you needs. All you need to do is tell us the maximum width, and maximum height and we will send to you all the signage ready to go, very easy, you can save heaps with this service.

vinyl letters

How it Works


We then apply a special "Pick Up" tape which allows you to lift up the lettering in one line or section.

Your lettering is a complete line, ready to remove and apply in one block of text per line. Pre Spaced, very simple to use and is now easy to apply to your vehicle door or window, sign board or shop sign. Always straight, always perfectly aligned.
Logo's and Multi-Colour Graphics Sign Lettering are applied in the same way. If possible and to your advantage, we will combine your logo in one piece. If advantageous to the finished product, we may send you 'separated' colours for your logo.
Oops... a few bubbles.
Any tiny air bubbles are easy to fix. Use a pin or compass to prick and allow the air to be removed. All vinyl self adhesive lettering takes approx 3 weeks to fully mature, so bubbles will disappear over time.

Why not Do It Yourself?... We make it very easy.
Try our Sign Design and DIY Cut Out Letter service. You will be surprised at how easy we make it for you. Layouts, proofs, tools, loads of creative fonts, bold font and download font styles.... WE MAKE IT EASY!

Use this PDF Sheet to help you measure the sizes of your letters, logo or words. Fax it back or email. If you prefer to use an editable document, Click here to open an excel file. Excel Spreadsheet Lettering Sheet.

All you need to do is tell us the maximum width of your letters, and the maximum height... all you need to do is squeegee the letters to your panel, car, truck, shop window, pelmet, frame or any other type of signage area. All materials are outdoor quality. Supply Signwriting Brisbane and Melbourne, Geelong and Townsville Signwriting.. easy to apply, you can save on Lettering Signwriting Sign Costs.

The art room is full of the latest technology to make your signs cheaply and use the benefits of being online. A team of young designers, experienced signmakers and colour experts, you can rely on the professional result with the Do It Yourself Vinyl Letters.

Over the face of the weeded (excess removed) letters, we apply a lift tape that is rubbed on the letter surface. When you are going to put the words onto your panel, window, car or surface, the entire line lifts off and gives you a pre-spaced word or sentence. You do not need to put on each individual letter, just lift up the section and rub onto the surface.


The Lift Off Tape is low tack, just enough to remove the letters from the silicone paper backing sheet. When you rub the words onto your new sign, their adhesive properties are much higher and the paper tape lifts away.

Oops... a few bubbles. No problem, bubbles will disappear shortly, normal hot and cold days will remove the bubbles on their own. If you need to, prick the bubble with a small pin. We explain how to apply vinyl letters on the page.

Do It Yourself Lettering And Signs Kits Available, Custom Made or Standard

Do It Yourself Letters are very easy to apply, we set up the words pre spaced so you can lift off the letters or words in one line and apply directly to your car door sign, panel signage, window display, window dressing panel or any type of surface. The Vinyl is outdoor grade and we supply a measurement sheet so you can place the line of Cut Out Letters exactly as per the proof we will give you.

Sign Design Room

From the Art Room, we have lots of programs on our computers so you can send any type of file to us, Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, AI, EPS, CorelDraw, DXF, CDR, any time of file extension, You can also use our special download measuring sheet that shows you the important notes to put on your instructions to us. Add fonts, Sizes, Heights, colours and more.

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DIY Signage and more Cut Out Letter Examples

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