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Welcome to
Australia Signs Banners website. Adelaide We now send banners cheap printing, outdoor banners, banner stand and sign designs all around Australia. Cheap, you will be dealing direct with the manufacturer and can buy directly from our sign company warehouse.

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Experienced printing with digital printers, wide format, solvent, alcohol based and dye inks. At the gallery you can see more than 500 different printing techniques.
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Any suburb, city or town in Australia
Corflute Tips:
.Using Corflute for your project is a great option. The lightweight plastic material looks similar to corrugated cardboard, yet is water proof in outdoor elements, very easy to print using digital or screen printing methods. We can print Corflute for builders signs, factory products, shelving, distributor and agent signage. Corflute allows a wide range of practical uses that keeps cost down and quality high.

Outdoor Banner Sign making Tips:
Our production schedule is 4 Days and we have a national transport account that gets your products to you fast. All our Outdoor or Indoor Banner Prints are 'rolled' up and packaged. We dont fold and stuff into a box.

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Did you know, we can make your project quickly, our signage manufacturing time is only 4 Days!
Looking for a printing company that specialises in outdoor advertising? Call our team at any time for all kinds of practical advice, artwork setup, CMYK printing, outdoor banners, indoor and outside systems and Signage in Australia.


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Banner Sign Printing Resolution Discussion

Advertising sign banners are effective and cheap sign products for advertising and marketing your company business. Call our billboard size sign designers anytime.

Tiers Cottages - high resolution printing for beautiful holiday cottages in Tasmania

Our banner sign company in Australia can send your sign products all over Australia ready for you to use. From Wandin to Nullamboyd, we have delivered banner sign company products ready for clients to promote your business. We can offer discount sign and banner, billboard and outdoor advertising and give you the savings you would expect from an online sign company.

Quick Smart sign and banner store signs, building signs and banner sign company products, ask our graphic designers to provide you with a layout of your billboard building sign and banner.
Dedicated to banners, our banner sign shop can finish your sign printing and banner printing expertly. Also, view our page and suggestions of 'how to make a banner' and 'how to install a banner' for outdoor use, 'how to make a sign' Webzine and lots more pages related to our sign company and banner sign products.

We can make a vinyl banner for you ready to hang outside. Vinyl has many superior factors that make the use outdoors stronger, better weather ability, better durability and longer colour life when printed. Printing in full outdoor graded Ultra Violet stabilised inks means that we achieve a higher BWS (Blue Wool Scale) compared to dye inks or water based inks. The ink penetration into the coated polymer surface also means better resolution at lesser cost.

Printing of the vinyl material, all our hi res printing is conducted at 8 head, 2 pass printing. This means greater resolution and lay-down of ink. The overall dot grain is significantly better.

What does 720 or 1440 printing mean? Predominantly, if you compare the print head of your desktop printer, you may see that the promoted printing resolution is one of these numbers. In general terms, this is the times the print head passes over the print area and if the head is repeat printing on the carriage return.

When using Photoshop to set up your files, Keep any file at minimum 150dpi. Our printing technicians and artists will further expand the file size to suit the output (final size) of the printed sign.

In Photoshop, should I go high resolution for my image size, or enlarge the canvas?
In general, we aim for approx 32mb per 2 square metres of finished signage printing at full size. All you need to do is determine if the file will be expanded to such an extent that the choice is better to enlarge the canvas, or increase the image size. Most times, increase the canvas size. WHY????

At the 'rip' stage of converting your files for digital pixel printing, we send all files, regardless of composure across to the machine at 150 Photoshop DPI. This does not mean we lower your file or artwork. The actual printing is conducted at 360. The print heads output at 360 and we double pass. Making 720.

Note: for our Graphic Designers who want to relate this to Film, the output is equivalent to 135 lpi offset at various screen angles.

Digital Printing Resolution

This image shows the typical printing resolution achieved when the Photoshop Canvas Size and Image Size are set above 32mb per M2.   

Actual photo of photoshop resolution

This image is an actual photo of the finished banner sign. The clarity of the whiskers , fur and eyes were perfect. This outstanding result was supplied to our company after discussing the same topic above with the client. In general, our systems can handle maxi size files. You can email or FTP directly to our site for large files.

resolution sav

Self adhesive vinyl resolution above.

TIP: Where possible, please send any Photoshop files or Illustrator or CorelDraw or any software drawing program to us in the original file format. Remove any file info, break apart any fonts. Send a smaller jpg image first if you need advice or let our team set up your printing artwork from concept.

Click here and see a few of the designs placed on a vinyl surface >

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We only need 4 days to make a sign in Australia. Then we send it to your doorstep ready to use, any where in Australia, Call us for advice.

Need more advice on how to print your large size images, please let us know, send us a small thumbnail sketch and our team will be able to answer any questions. Go to the Live Chat section of our website for easy one to one discussion or call Toll Free on 1800 815 166

Also, if you would like to use Photoshop, CorelDraw or a drawing program to make your graphics, try these pages on the site.

  1. Crop Tool Suggestions crop Tool Tips and working with it.
  2. Adjusting Photos and images in Photoshop Photoshop Tips

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