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Victoria Signs and Banners



Thaidup BannerWe supply all sorts of signs to all around Victoria. No place is foreign to us! Tell us about your signage requirements... We can definitely suggest signage to suit your needs. This banner you see to the left was made for a jewellery store and serves it's purpose by attracting new customers that pass by. 


Betstar BannerAustralia Signs only uses the best quality materials available. On our Retractable banners for example, we use an ultra smooth banner material which wont crease and will never tear. The case for the Retractable Banners also have high quality being a powder coated aluminium base. 


Balmain Kool Kats BannerSporting Clubs all around Victoria love our banners. We use an outdoor grade PVC for all banners and we also re-enforce them with eyelets sewn into the corners and around the edges. With 4 colour high resolution printing, the sport clubs are able to display their club with with a mighty roar of colour!


Human Nature Stainless Steel No.1As seen on TV! Our Laser Cut stainless steel letters are extremely popular for company's that want to display their company name on a building or in a reception. But, the letters can also be used as trophy's. As seen in the image (right). The number ones were presented to pop band Human Nature, on channel nine, to congratulate them on having the number one album for the year.

Our video page is great if you would like to see exactly how we are going to make your signs. We take pride in producing the highest quality signs for our clients all over Australia and we have documented some of our signage production on video. See our online sign videos here.




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