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Screen printer for bulk orders - screen printing Corflute ribbed sheets


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New South WalesDelivery Point: Frenchs Forest NSW
Bulk Screen Printing Corflute work
This skid contains 100 off 900 x 600 Notice Board Corflute panels all with the same message. It is used at events, trade show and festivals to help keep the public away from unauthorized entry points. This simple signage can mean the difference in the quality of an event, for both the spectator and corporate supplier.

  • "Screen printing equipment is definitely the way to produce this job and saves thousands of dollars."

  • Each panel is placed under the mesh into position using jib tags. Then, the mesh is lowered onto the panel within 2mm. The squeegee travels along the screen under pressure. This creates a slight curve and the ink transforms from the screen onto the Corflute.

Spotless Catering Group Safety

Moved from event to event the boards can be used for all conditions from year to year.

Spotless Danger Unauthorised Entry is Prohibited
Includes: Safety Vest, Eye, Foot and Hard hat protection symbols. French's Forest Sydney

Spotless Danger Corflute signs packed on pallette for shipping.

Packed on a pallet / skid, the Corflute panels could be sent anywhere.

Corflute Screen Printing

Add a logo to the top left corner for more impact and ownership. Notice this sign does not have any date relevance, this means you can use over and over, again and again at different places. Corflute is very cheap and a great sign making substrate for short term applications. Can be used outdoor.

Available in 3mm or 5mm.

Read more about screen printing corflute set up

Printed Corflute Ribbed Panels

Get your ideas to work!

If you haven't yet seen what the ideas centre can do for you, read below, with help from the team and a few articles, the banner sign below is amazing.

Glowing Text

Check out this work, this great looking work was made by a customer after reading a few tutorials we have online, well done, it looks brilliant.

Just forward a thumbnail sketch to the team for quick service and instant job estimates.

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Corflute, Metal or Plastics.

Corflute Fluted Corrugated Plastic Polypropylene is ideal for screen printing. If you only need a few, let us know, the new way of digitally applying a full color photo can also be done for you.

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Australia Signs Mobile WebsiteAustralia Signs have introduced a new range of messages to help with your danger and caution areas, we call this our Visual Management Series and you can see lots more screen printer examples and ideas here.

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