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What is Kerning? What is resolution, how to use Photoshop blends, LOTS CAN BE FOUND AT THE NEW IDEAS CENTRE ABOVE.

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Maitland Signs

Maitland Signs Inflatable Wobbly Maitland Corflute Sign Maitland Corflute Sign

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New South WalesDelivery Point: Maitland NSW

Toyota Fleet Driving your business Further, Sci-fleet.

Quick Display Pull UP stand and photo graphic (1 of six delivered nationally) for a new system release and conference.

Maitland Signs Banner Stand for Toyota Sci Fleet

This impressive stand was ordered on the internet and then was produced over the phone and via email.

The graphic was made by a talented graphic artist (see this spec list) and supplied ready to go, from there, our team added and adjusted the colors to match the printing process.

Stands with more writing that need to be viewed for a long period of time are perfect for trade shows or events. Take a look at our retractable banners section for great trade show signage ideas!


Get your ideas to work!

Adding a photograph to your work is easy and there are also tutorials listed to help you with this at the MyHelp pages or just type in a relevant search to get info on how to do it.

Timber Coat

Check out this work, Panel shows how a set of product shots can be a great asset to your visual marketing. The sign was produced - printed onto a white self adhesive vinyl then applicated onto a corrugated plastic surface. The printing also includes a clear laminate protection free of charge.

Remember that if you see any small picture snippet image like this with a thin grey border, click for more details or a larger view.


Corflute, Metal or Plastics.

Corflute Fluted Corrugated Plastic Polypropylene is ideal for screen printing. If you only need a few, let us know, the new way of digitally applying a full color photo can also be done for you.

Big Letter Banner Sale

Delivery Point: Brisbane QLD

Golf Shop Sale banner, wow! This banner cannot go unnoticed, using just simple text and colour it will attract many customers. Brisbane QLD.

Golf Shop Sale banner, wow! This banner cannot go unnoticed, using just simple text and colour it will attract many customers. Brisbane QLD.

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Ideas Centre

If you need help creating images, or upsizing your existing photographs to place on a sign, the MyHelp pages show articles, tutorials and general knowledge tips from our graphic designers. This great article: Adjusting images for maximum quality explains how to manipulate photos for large sign printing. Great Page and worth reading.



The best way to find out lots of work capabilities is to enter QSonline OR The Image Gallery


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Australian Graphic Design

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Australia Signs Mobile WebsiteFrom Sydney, Gosford Taree or around Maitland signs and banners made to all different sizes and applications. Photos and illustrations can be added quite easily and Without any extra printing cost!

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