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MySpace 'A Place for Friends'.

5000 x 1200mm Medium Weight Banner with Ropes and Eyelets.

This banner was ordered on the internet and then was produced via close interaction with the client over the phone and via email.

 MySpace a place for friends black vinyl banner


The key to this banner is it's simplicity. This banner needed to be simple as it was to be viewed very quickly on the roadside. The message of a more Complex banner, with more writing, may have been missed compared to this banner.


Banners with more writing are perfect for trade shows or events where the viewers are able to stand and read for a number of minutes. Take a look at our retractable banners section for great trade show signage ideas!


All of our outdoor banners are printed with UV stable inks, so there is no fading when out in direct sunlight. See how strong our banners really are in Video #7 Banner Material Strength Test.

5000 x 1200mm Medium Weight Banner5000 x 1200mm Medium Weight Banner with Ropes and Eyelets.

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Glowing TextIf you haven't yet seen what the ideas centre can do for you, read below, with help from the team and a few articles, the banner sign below is amazing.

vinyl banners cheapCheck out this work, this great looking work was made by a customer after reading a few tutorials we have online, well done, it looks brilliant. Just forward a thumbnail sketch to the team for quick service and instant job estimates.

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Corflute, Metal or Plastics.

Corflute Fluted Corrugated Plastic Polypropylene is ideal for screen printing. If you only need a few, let us know, the new way of digitally applying a full color photo can also be done for you.

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Australia Signs have introduced a new range of messages to help with your danger and caution areas, we call this our Visual Management Series and you can see lots more screen printer examples and ideas here.

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