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Behind the scenes of the laser intensified cutting machinery

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Super Charged atoms fly through the glass tubing towards the head at light speed, aimed directly at the material, the blast effective power surges and cuts it's way with precision and clarity leaving a smooth edge.

Laser Cutting Behind the Scenes

The kinetic energy of the atom is increased to create a constant beam of high speed by means of electric field - supercharging. The super charge exchange accelerator allows the high energy ions to flow from the plasma head in a concentrated beam, focused to the length of the material plus 0.5mm Thus, precision and accuracy at multiple depths can be tuned and set that give your signage the best results and allow multi control CAD files to be used.

See it in Action, go the MyVideo page and watch the new excited atom video. We love this page.

In a laser, the atoms are excited so that more of them are at higher increased energy levels. This is a term called inverted population. Adding energy to produce an inverted population is called 'pumping'. When the atoms or molecules are in this excited state, they readily emit radiation.

How it works.

If a photon matches the energy difference between the excited atom and the ground initial flow, then strikes an excited atom, the atom is stimulated to emit a second photon of the same intensity, in conjunction with and in the same direction as the bombarding photon. The bombarding photon and the newly altered state photon then each strike other excited atoms, stimulating further emissions of photons and so it goes, all of the same frequency and all in conjunction. This produces a sudden burst of coherent radiation as all the atoms are discharged in a rapid chain reaction.

The laser is structured so the emitted light is reflected between opposite ends of a resonant cavity; an intense, highly focused light beam passes out through one end, which is only partially reflecting. If the atoms are pumped back to an excited state as soon as they are discharged, a steady beam of coherent light is produced.

Ever wondered how those amazing signs are created... it's our laser knowledge. You can ask more questions and find out more laser cutting questions at the MIC (Marketing Ideas Centre) and search the favourite topics. Join in and contribute.

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