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We can send you ready to apply boat name lettering, boat registration numbers or transom lettering. Online boat name Australia you can choose a colour for your boat lettering, we vinyl cut lettering using popular fonts, then ship directly to you ready for your new boat name lettering. contact us.

When putting your lettering onto your boat, clean your fibreglass boat or aluminium boat sides with Methylated Sprits or Pre wash solutions such as Prepsol. Do not use petrol or turpentine or any cleaner that may have an oil base that may leave residue. Boat name lettering by QuickSmart is suitable for salt water. Easy.

Send us your boat name lettering design via email or fax for a quote, or call our sign production team. We have over 1000 letter style fonts and you can choose any colour text online. Online the colour range is suitable for boat lettering names and boat registration numbers.

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Tip: Do not place a boat name or boat registration number below any watermark. Keep your boat name clear and simple to read. Often a simple choice of font (lettersytle) looks better than multi-colored confusion.
Note: We do not make replacement badges.

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Adding a Registration Number to your Boat sign.
Boat registration lettering for general craft should be a minimum of 150mm, larger water craft should present letters bigger than 250mm. Consider if your side gunnels are flat and avoid placing boat names over ridges of the side of your boat, sailing craft, timber hulls or other bumps that may let water under your adhesive lettering.

Boat Dealers Australia
Contact us for direct trade supply.

If you need help with your lettering and graphics send us an e-mail with the size space you have available and your selections for font and color for your lettering and type of graphics you desire. We will then send you a proof to scale of your boat lettering and or graphics via e-mail for your approval.
Step 1. Email a photo of your boat
Step 2. Choose a colour online.
Step 3. Call us anywhere in Australia

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"With 10 years of professional sign making experience, we have established a leading Australian signage company suppling clients with boat names, boat lettering and designs for boats. From Corporate Sponsorship events to club banners... we do it all. We can send you any boat name ready to apply, you can save money with our boat name signs... Easy!

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