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Car magnet signs, car door magnetic signs and removable vehicle signage.

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We can send you ready to use a car magnet sign, magnetic car door signs and magnetic door sign for your car, company car or occasional use of a magnetic sign printing.

When putting your magnetic car door sign onto your car door or truck sign, clean your car ready to apply a magnetic sign with Methylated Sprits or Pre wash solutions such as Prepsol. Do not use petrol or turpentine or any cleaner that may have an oil base that may leave residue. Magnetic sign lettering is suitable for outdoor applications. Our magnet material is the same as inside your fridge door, so durability is supreme.

Online you can price how much a magnet sign costs. Open the calculator and choose 'Magnetic Car Sign' in the materials drop down box.

Send us your magnetic car door sign lettering design via email or fax for a quote, or call our sign production team. We have over 1000 letter style fonts and you can choose any colour text online. Online the colour range is suitable for magnet signs names and magnetic whiteboard numbers.


Tip: Do not place a magnet sign or magnetic car door sign over a ridge or panel that may allow wind to lift the image. Keep your magnetic car door sign clear and simple to read. Often a simple choice of font (letterset) looks better than multi-colored confusion.
Note: We do not make car badges.

Adding a graphic to your magnet car door sign Australia.
Adding an image or graphic to your car door sign is easy, send us via email a copy of your message, we can sign print lots of different images onto magnetic signage.

If you need help with your lettering and graphics send us an e-mail with the size space you have available and your selections for font and color for your lettering and type of graphics you desire.

Buy lots of different kits at QSonline. Go to the New online sign shop for Retractable Banner stand signs. Compare prices of new models of pull up displays, retractable signs, Aframe signs Magnetic Signs

60 mil Magnetic Letter Kit With 300 LettersYou can also buy from our QSonline Store a 60 millimetre high lettering kit with 300 Letters, Numbers and Characters.


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More details, articles and information can be seen here for all the magnetic kits.

Read more about the magnetic letter kit and a'frame sandwich board sign package here.

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Need help with designing your Magnetic Sign? Let us help anytime

Summary: Magnetic Signs are great for frequently changing your message to your customers. If you buy online, you can get the kit in 4 days. Contains 300 letters, numbers and special characters. No Payment is needed to order online.

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