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How to Laser Cut

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Laser cut letter laser cut panels, laser cut acrylic, laser cut stainless steel, the beam path is fixed at the optimum length for quality cuts in a wide variety of materials across the entire work area. High quality acrylic laser cutting provides maximum productivity and fantastic quality... Contact us.

Flare of the laser cutting machine cutting through the metal. Looks incredible

When making a file ready for cutting, consider our knowledge of path creation.

Expert cutting requires special attributes that include path control, node and editing nodes, being able to smooth curves and creating direct lines.

If you wish to supply your own file, please ensure the file is:

  1. Suitable for PC formats

  2. No fonts are required. All text must be a quality font that has been broken down to form 'an object', not a font. To do this, In Illustrator, Create Outlines, In CorelDraw, Break apart the font.

  3. Combine all elements into one nested form. You must also allow a minimum of 8mm between letters for reduction of heat stress apparent in some thinner materials.

  4. Do not add any 'hidden' or 'background' file info. Remove the copyright and author etc from your output or final file. This is unnecessary for machinery cutting.

! See a typical Proof for the laser cutting. We send all projects a drawing made to scale before cutting.

! See a Video of the machine in Action, also we have introduced a tiny movie that shows the excited atoms within the laser machine rapidly traversing down the glass tube. Exciting stuff.

! See lots of completed works at the Gallery link on the left menu, here, you can gain further ideas and technical knowledge to help submit your idea to us.

! Pricing. At QSonline, you can also determine a similar project and evaluate the price of cutting out a letter, shape, logo or entire sign for the office, building or reception.

Simple to use, type in any size for immediate online estimates and results... no waiting.

This image shows how - Before the final step of using the high powered laser, we pre-issue the paths, lifts and drops, check kerf values and more. When working with you, the information you can give us the better, With over 200 different works shown, you now have lots of choices. Paths are very critical to success.

Pre-Issue Plan Of Laser File To Be Cut

The lines here show the path that the cutting head will follow from start to completion. The internal blast points are set, the external lead cuts are positioned to allow no damage to the final letter.

This sign was made for a Display Village in Mildura Victoria. More details and pictures can be found at the gallery. You can also see this sign cutting video here.

Col Gowers Display Village Mildura Victoria Sign Cutting Tutorial

We have so many signs online, you can see a slideshow at the Gallery, find prices at QSonline and download videos of machinery at work. Use the menu on the left to go further into the signage website.

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Laser Cut Prices

Summary: We specialise in laser cut signs and signage. Our team carefully choses materials and techniques to help you get the most people to read your signs!
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