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Window banners, a great idea.

Female Model Hair. This extremely bright banner sign was the inspiration of the Customer Fratelle Hair Design owners, Known for high quality and leading fashions, the salon chose our extra bright printing ability to produce these banner signs for inside and outside their stores. They employed professional models for the photo shoot and let their creativity flow. This Salon wins many awards for quality and is located in Wheelers Hill and Pinewood Melbourne Victoria. Fratelle. We have been supplying the company signage since 1998.

Wheelers Hill Victoria Window Banner

Great use of Cyan Magenta Yellow Bars

The client viewed a banner that was being proofed and noticed the CMYK Color bars located at the bottom of the proof ready to print. Impressed with vibrancy and clear clean color, they incorporated the bar color into the overall graphic design. It looks fantastic.


The female models on the banner signs were taken with a digital camera on a tripod at the highest jpg setting the camera allowed. Those photo's can be used for signs larger than these window banner signs. In all, if you start with the best photo possible, the result will be a clean banner sign print.

See more on the gallery page for this window banner

These banner signs are a favourite, well designed, modern, colorful and very easy to understand. See all of them at the Gallery.

Putting the banner in the window is easy. All you need to do is screw two hanging hooks to the window frame and run some line to the top of the sign.

Printed onto a very smooth vinyl banner sign material, the window sign is designed for maximum marketing impact and cool looks. The top and bottom have folded sleeves sewn in for inserting a pole. Because the banner sign is also printed in quality Toyo inks, the life of the images are extended facing the sunlight in the window.

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On every file made, small color registration bars are added at various stages to ensure the correct laydown and application of the ink across the material. In that way, we can check top-left, bottom right color application.

Inside the window, a banner can have a place to slide the rod


The ultra strong signs material is very strong and is designed not to need any wind holes. Inside the multi layer material is a strong cross threaded mesh. This makes any tear point stopped. Also see kerning


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