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Illuminated Signs are a great product and every business can benefit by having an indoor or outdoor sign that works all night. Cheap, you can view lots of finished Light Boxes at the Gallery and can buy directly from our sign company warehouse.

Illuminated Signs
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Custom Made for your requirements.

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All Illuminated Sign Boxes are made for maximum lighting effects. The prices shown are indicative of other works completed. Go to the Gallery for more images, designs, standards and view the work we have finished for our Australian Light Box Supplies Clientele.
We we Deliver:
Any suburb, city or town in Australia. Biggest Challenge so far... a Light box, double sided, ready for fitting onto a pole sign in Tennant Creek Northern Territory.
Well done.
How to make Tips:
Let us know if you Illuminated Signage is single sided or double sided. When making the box, we may move the internal frame work to the rear side or replace internal bracing with other fittings to make a better illumination sign quality for you.

Light Tips:
Using the best fluorescent tubes means your maintenance is reduced, the light is more brighter and you can find replacement tubes easily. We cannot guarantee the life of a tube, this would be best discussed with your electrical supplier if any tube requires replacing.

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LED & Illuminated Signs, Light Boxes

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Choose from Indoor, Semi-outdoor and Full Color Outdoor LED

The led lamp makes the best possible outdoor or indoor or semi-outdoor scrolling message sign because the brightness is incredible, the cost is much lower than an equivalent projector or LCD screen. And you can very quickly program the LED software to save your messages. Inside each moving message board, the messages are stored which allows you to use a remote control to either re-program (update or new) or switch sequences, pages, sets, storage and animations. You can do all features with the remote.

Here, the photo shows the effectiveness of a led light. You can buy led signs in Australia from

There are three choices, Indoor, Semi and Full Outdoor LED, this one is Semi.

The prices we have are very cheap and the quality of product is very high. Each board includes a genuine 12 month warranty the boards run cool which is very important for safety.

Also, we have specified many extra features not normally associated with cheap led now open signs etc, each board has greater inbuilt memory, larger storage space and uses proper LED lights to illuminate the sign. You can operate with confidence.

The LED electronic sign packaged ready for turning on. You can program now open, latest special and lots more.

To buy, please call and we can discuss your sizes.

We make in modular form and standard size signs.

Modular sections mean we can make your led sign any length. Standard and Personal sizes

About animations and transitions

Each sign we sell comes ready to use out the box. We include as free preset transitions for the moving text including scroll, blink, flash, hold, twinkle etc. You can also alternate colors and flash colors.

Preset programming is included free with our great LED sign in super bright illumination neon colors.

Please call for prices.


Traditional Illuminated Signs, Lit Signage and Light Box Signs can be expertly finished with our sign company. We can create 24/7 illuminated signs that make your business work long into the night.


The Illuminated Sign may be the most important sign of your business, attracting clients attention and promoting your business. Recent signage planning permit restrictions have been recognised by most councils as an important part of the community, and as a result, restrictions have been granted more often with an overall understanding allowing business owners more use of illuminating signage. Call us for advice on manufacturing a light box sign. Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide or any location. Note, we do not install, you should use a qualified electrician for any installations.

Replacement of tubes. Each Electrical Sign Box that leaves our site is working. The Fluorescent tubes may damage in normal shipping. This in unavoidable and we do cover any costs of replacement. Tubes are cheap, however, we do not replace. Apologies, however, this is beyond our control.

Illuminating Signs require local government planning permits for signs. Once you have obtained a planning permit for a sign, contact us for your light box sign manufacture. We do not provide drawings for illuminated signs unless you have a planning permit. We are involved in manufacturing stages only. You should provide your own applications to any council or local government authority IF you plan to have a permit.

Possibly the most important sign your business can have, if you operate any business in Australia, you will know that being seen is paramount. Our winters turn dark quickly and the business should be seen by passers by at least until 10.00pm on most days. Maintenance and Running costs are very small and the benefits are huge.

Go to QSonline for more prices, different styles and combinations that can make your signage.
You can choose from different Acrylic Perspex Sign Panels, Polycarbonate Panels, Clear and Opal backings, Single sided or Double Sided Light Box Signage and more fitting choices such as Slide in from left, Slide in from Right, Top or bottom.

Buying Direct, also means you can add some very creative options to your signage including adding 3D letters, Internal 'Clear Spots' for Duratrans Prints (Posters), Overlay Faces to the exterior sign panel, reverse laser cut silhouettes and many more options.

If you want to add high resolution prints and photos to your imagery, let us know. You can choose from Duratrans or Translucent Vinyl (Self Adhesive) (Outdoor Grade) for lots of imagery options.

Illuminated Signs direct from the factory

Custom Made to suit your needs, Buy Direct and Save Policy means you receive the lowest prices and highest quality directly from our company.
We supply Light Boxes to all types of businesses in Australia.


New Slimline Light Boxes and Poster Illumination Systems. These products are imported, we hold a great range of Slimline Light Boxes. Call for a size comparison or go to QSonline for prices.

Slimline Light Box For Posters

Using a Phosphorescent Lighting system, the Slimline Light Box is only suited for indoor or undercover situations. These products are great for clubs, bars, shops and window displays. The product is supplied with a ready to use 3 pin plug attached. All you need to do is plug into an approved electrical socket and turn on.
Note: At first, the light box may not seem bright. Because the unit is new, the lighting effects will get brighter as the display warms.

The image above shows the illuminating luminosity of the Slimline Light Box in normal conditions. Very low wattage, the units are very cheap to run and look great for night time window displays.

Add unique logos and images, photos and more to your internal displays.

Translucent Vinyl Applied To A Light Box Sign


See plastic and acrylic signs

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